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Q. Once I become a member, are my family members eligible?

A. Yes, once you are a member of Sharefax, you are always a member as long as you maintain an active account and your immediate family members are eligible too.

Q. If I terminate employment with the company I joined the Credit Union through, do I have to close my Sharefax account?

A. No, not at all, once you are a member of Sharefax, you are always a member as long as you maintain an active account. In addition, we will also accept deposits from your new employer.

Q. How can I find out how to use the STAR System?

A. You can get a copy of the Updated S.T.A.R. System Menu by either: (1.) Request to have a S.T.A.R. brochure mailed to you through the S.T.A.R. System (2.) through your C.U. Representative, or (3.) over the S.T.A.R. System (Transaction Code 9 # Other Services; 1# Brochures Request; Brochure Number 103#).

Q. My Debit Card was lost or stolen - Who do I call to let the Credit Union know?

A. During Normal Business Hours - simply call the Credit Union at (513) 753-2440 to let us know your Debit Card has been lost or stolen. If it is after normal business hours, you may call (800) 528-2273.

Q. How do I check my Balance/Status of my Sharefax Credit Card?

A. To check the balance/status by phone, you may call Sharefax Directly and ask for the Credit Card Department at (513)753-2440; or you can call the Customer Service # at 800-237-6211; or your status and balance may be checked online at*

Q. When should I expect my Social Security payments to be in my account?

A. Social Security payments are posted to accounts, based on the Schedule of Payments distributed by the Social Security Administration. 

Q. Will my checks be returned to me at the end of each month?

A. No; your checks will not be returned to you. However, we do microfiche copies of all the checks you have written in case you ever need a copy. Also, the checks you purchase through Sharefax are carbonless duplicates; which means every time you write a check, you’ll have a copy of your written transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Credit Union?

A. Credit Unions are non-profit, cooperative financial institutions which are formed for the benefit of their members.

Q. How can I find your current Interest Rates?

A. Our current Dividend and Interest Rates have been posted on the Website,, and are located on the Rates Page.

Q. Does Sharefax have free a Checking Account?

A. Yes, Sharefax’s Checking Account has no monthly, quarterly or annual fees.

Q. What is your check cashing policy?

A. There is a 2 business day hold on checks within Cincinnati Federal Reserve District and a 5 business day hold on checks outside the Cincinnati Federal Reserve District. This excludes Government, Certified, Cashier’s, and Member Company Payroll Checks. Other exclusions may apply. Certain new member account holds also apply.

Q. How can I change my ATM Card PIN?

A. Your ATM Card PIN may be changed at most ATM Machines or by calling our ATM Card Dept. at (513) 753-2440.

Q. How can I change my Audio/STAR PIN?

A. Your Audio/S.T.A.R. PIN may be changed: (1.) Using the S.T.A.R. Audio System, (2.) Using Sharefax-Online, or (3.) Call or visit your Credit Union Representative.

Q. Is my Sharefax account Federally Insured?

A. Absolutely, up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the Federal Government.

Q. I want to transfer money between my 2 accounts, how can I do this?

A. If you haven’t already, visit your Credit Union Representative to complete and sign a Member Transfer Authorization Form. Once completed, you can transfer via our S.T.A.R. system or Sharefax-Online.Back to Top


FAQ & Quick Reference Guide

Sharefax Credit Union Contact Information
Main Number/General Questions
(513) 753-2440

24 Hour Telephone Automated System (STAR) (513) 753-2445
24 Hour Loan Line (513) 243-5626
Online Banking

Mason Office Fax (513) 459-3395
Evendale Office Fax (513) 554-6804
Batavia Office Fax (513) 753-2448
Milford Office Fax (513) 248-2860
Lebanon Office Fax (513) 932-1520

How to become a member of Sharefax Credit Union?
  1. Anyone employed by your organization is eligible to receive the credit union benefit. There is no specific length of time an employee must be employed by a particular company in order to become eligible. Your organization may place certain boundaries at your own discretion.
  2. Membership packets are available through the credit union, which include fee schedules and signature cards, as well as payroll deduction forms for your employees. All new hires should be provided with this benefit information upon orientation. Please call (513) 753-2440 - Marketing Department for a current supply of membership packets.
  3. Completed forms may be collected by a designated representative of your organization and forwarded to the following credit union office:  7443 Mason-Montgomery Road Mason OH 45040 US. Employees may also bring completed forms directly to any credit union office location to open accounts.
  4. Once an employee is a member of Sharefax Credit Union, any immediate family member is also eligible for membership.
  5. If an employee should terminate his or her employment with your organization, it is not necessary for the credit union account to be closed. Once you are a member, you are always a member as long as you maintain a $5 balance in your share account.

How does an employee deposit money or make loan payments?
  1. The credit union is equipped with the Automated Clearing House system and can accept any electronic deposit sent by an employer.
  2. We offer payroll deduction forms that will enable your employees to allot a lump sum deposit to the credit union, but give the flexibility to split that sum into many different credit union accounts once it is received. Extra forms are always available for employees to make changes or additions. Please call +1.5137532440 - Marketing Department to receive additional forms.
  3. Loan payments can be made by automatic transfer from a credit union account or any authorized account at another financial institution.
  4. The Christmas Club account has no minimum deposit requirement and deposits can be made at any time. Funds will be disbursed the 1st business day of November.